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Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing 

Personal Values, Positive Impact

As a boutique wealth management firm, we are sensitive to our client's unique passions and values. Investors are increasingly focusing on a company's roles in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We work with our clients to build custom portfolios that best align investments with their values. Financial returns are still a major consideration, and our clients look to us to solve for both. 

ESG Investing - the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in the investment decision making process. 

ESG investing quantifies risks that aren't measured by traditional analysis, for example, a company's environmental impact, working conditions, or accounting practices. A higher scoring ESG rating may reduce various risks including negative headlines and may indicate stronger management and business. 


  • Carbon emissions

  • Clean energy 

  • Resource sustainability

  • Supply chain management


  • Human rights

  • Community relations

  • Employee relations

  • Diversity policy 

  • Work and safety standards 


  • Executive leadership

  • Accountability

  • Shareholder rights

  • Corporate culture

  • Corruption policies 

Growth of ESG Investing 

From 2016 to the start of 2018, sustainable investing in the five major markets grew 34% to $30.7 trillion. In the United States alone, sustainably managed assets grew 38% during those two years. 

  • Institutional adoption - 70% of institutional investors in Canada, the US and the UK say they apply ESG principals to investment decisions

  • Global challenges - flood risk, demographic shifts, regulatory pressures, privacy and data security may also cause investors to reevaluate a traditional approach to investing 

  • Corporate standards - 80% of the world's largest corporations use global reporting initiatives standards. ESG practices in companies can result in better operational performance and build competitive advantage

  • Millennial investors - this segment will inherit the largest wealth transfer in history and are two times more likely to be interested in investment dedicated to solving issues

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